Tuesday, 26 May 2015


The one in the water has a lot of roots the one in the soil is on a angle

 Ukulele UYG.   They are doing the one in the water has lots of roots because it has a lot of water the one in soil is on a angle it is six inches it has grown very tall but not the wet one  I put the seed in and we all water it it was planted at the 5/515

Tuesday, 12 May 2015


Day two :has a little twig sticking out of the seed

Plant is growing

Day four: is growing and the root is going long

Making an add plan

In reading we have been making adds I work with Milania here is our plan

slogan:(back up slogan) poutokomanawa poutokomanawa yah!!!! (real slogan)

  • Welcome to Poutokomanawa

  • a4 paper poster

  • the poster must have lots of detail and colour

  • For year four and +

  • Kitchen to cook in bring stuff to make with

  • we will take pictures of some of the maori art work maori words and other things around the class

  • make it persuasive

  • more than one thing to do

  • write on the poster this class is amazing for you child to came have some fun and learn maori

  • Russell st school rm 11

  • Ask your parents first

  • Read books make food speak Maori have fun in the wonderful heart or the school

  • We sing and dance we have something called the pae pae the pae pae is a few people that sit at the front of the Marae

  • take your shoes off unless if you are an adult

  • ask where meta and ask her what she thinks about the class

  • And say hello to where metah and where horiana

  • tell people that poutokomanawa means the heart of the the room and it's the big pole in the middle of the Marae

  • I believe that poutokomanawa is the best class in new zealand because we learn full on maori

  • if you want your child to have a good education in Maori come to russell street school palmerston north

  • in this class we have a good learning and we have fun

  • if you want to enroll your child at russell street school call 063586671

  • Play sports and do maths and reading by the time you sign up to be in this class you will be as smart as your teacher!

  • If you want to know, what we do in this,class call now to 063586671

  • you have to be a year 4 to 6 to get in this class

  • kids if you are watching this tell your parents that you have to come to russell street if you aren't older than

  • there are no uniforms to be included

  • if you are in the maori class you will also be invited to join are kapa haka group

  • or if you are in any class at russell street it is optional

  • We have buddy's .buddy's are little kid that you have to try look after each class has a class to to look after our class has room 2 there teacher is Fiona there class is called tohora

  • (idea) take photos of things around the class and put it on the poster
slogan:(back up slogan) poutokomanawa poutokomanawa yah!!!! (real slogan) 

Monday, 4 May 2015

Observation record : exploring seeds

What are the differences between the seeds?
It got a little bigger it Is more easy to break it is a little lighter it smells like carrots
What do you think caused the differences?
The water got in side the seed wich made it puff up the water cleans it witch made it lighter

The process of soaking the seeds was the first step in the germination of a seed. A seed starts to germinate by sending roots down into the soil and a shoot up towards the sunlight.

Using the White red and black hats to evaluate