Wednesday, 16 September 2015



 One beutiful morning A girl named destiny invited her friends to a sleep over one named summer and the other is Courtney she rung them every hour to check if they were ok she was wondering why they were taking so long.then finally they arived. when they arived destiny took them for a tour around her house then she said this is my room "wow "said summer and Courtney there eyes were as big as a golf ball once they saw her room her room was mint green with ora gamine birds hanging from the roof  and a painting they both ran and jumped on the bed .the only thing they did was watched TV for like two hours then they got hungry and ask her mother if she could go out and eat somthing .while the girls were gone destinys little brother max was expecting them to come back with hand full's of food they came in the door raced to her room max was jalouse that they got to go out .the girl went on there phones and texting people. It was just a normal sleep over when suddenly Courtney heard a swinging noise she looked up and the light was swinging Courtney was screaming "aaaahhhhhhhh ghost"!!!!!!! The other girl were wondering why Courtney was screaming about a ghost then Courtney pointed a the lights and the lights were wabbling they all were screaming .max liked hearing his siter scream because he finally gets to call her a sceary cat then destiny said this is a mystery it needs to be fixed she sat down and thinked ghosts are not real and it's not a earth quake ether she thought for a second until she thought of watching who came in to her room .she was about to walk into the office no "stop!!! Said max don't go in there why said destiny .because . Destiny just had to see what was going on so she just keeped walking she had a look at the cameras before she watched it max quickly pulled out the plug destiny got angry and her mum ."mum max is bothering me "!!! . Max said mum  what said max mum shouted with a very angry voice come "here now!!!!!!" .while max was gone destiny watched the video and suddenly she saw max holding a stick and hitting the lights so that's why it was wabbling  ."max " shouted destiny with a angry voice how could you do that she said .then max apolajised,with a sad voice . It's ok said destiny

W"A.L.T write our own mystery

My myth
once upon a time there was a cloud named cloudy . cloudy is a very lonely cloud . There were no clouds to be seen. cloudy has been lonely for years. One night cloudy had a dream .That dream told him what was in his future that night cloudy had a dream of him with so many friends to play with. He was so happy he was smiling in his dream then he woke up thinking he was still with his friends. then he opened his eyes and realized that it was just a dream .He was crying because of how much he wanted a friend to be up there with him his tear drop came down his check and dripped on the floor then suddenly a cloud popped out of no where then he told the cloud to cry so more clouds could come so they tried it and it worked then cloudy had so many friends then after that cloudy meat a girl named cloudyah she was a beautiful cloud they loved each other. Then one day they got married and had a baby cloud then they named the baby cloud Milania. they were so famous that the people cloudys land called him king and some call him the god of the clouds one day he got board and he he wanted to make it more fun so he thought of building a theam park called cloud kingdom it took a few years
W.A,L.T write your own myth


Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Home work

This is my te reo sample for my home work
In poutokomanawa our home work this week was to make a game 
That has te reo .we got to pic if we wanted to do a song dance or game 
I picked to do a game and it also has movements in it so your not lazy

Monday, 14 September 2015


Maths - WALT solve problems by using multiplication and division.
We have been using number lines to help answers the problem .we use pegs to help us count 
And help us remember were we are here are the pics of what we have been doing

Wearable arts

North Africa princess jasmine 
I managed to stick to my plan but I changed two things. I changed the skirt because 
It looked blank. I also changed the shoulder straps to blue.  I decided instead to use fabric, and dyed 
It. I also used some old jewels, paper, paint, glitter and hot glue. The other thing I used was the sewing,machine. I also made some fake hair because Jasmines hair is very long.

Reading invention

The the tourch on the top is for when you are the dark and the magnify glass is so I can see things closer and there is a small box at the top where you put small stuff and there is a on and off button and there is also a gun.i named it the magnergun because it looks like a gun and its a magnify glass