Thursday, 31 March 2016

Massy university interview

I was having a interview with James I showed him my SLCT2016 
posts we went and had interviews with tha massy university I had to 
work with James because there were now more people left the people 
that finished there weeks work got to go

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Behind the doors of the girls cabins camp story portfolio post

description we did this writing to remind us of camp 
and i did a entertaining story 
Behind the doors of the girls cabins
in a camp named el rancho there is a lodge named poplar
 in that lodge there are six cabins in all six cabins there
are girls lots and lots of girl yeah thats right no boys ion
 one of those six  cabins is cabin one .the most risk taking
 most dangerous cabin of all.screaming and shouting
"ahhhh"! and the strong smell of perfume and clothes
hanging of the bunks .this message is to all the boy girls
are not as clean and tidy as you think they are . crazy girl
 running around like baby elephants. bed time is the worst
time of the day girls dont sleep like princesses in cabin one
they sleep like monkeys . one is sleep walking and the other
is sleep talking one farts and the the other burps. i wonder
who that farter is i'm going to find out now the next morning
the girls wake up clumsy and rush to there suit cases and
 get get dressed .i'm going hores riding screamed Bella i'm
going rafting shouted emily i'm going on the water slide
 screamed Jayde the next room could hear her .after the activities
were done we came back and did our camp dairy then we got ready
 for bed then it was time for bed time the all girls were asleep but not me i was
busy finding out the mystery farter it sounded like it was coming
 from the bottom
bunk it was bella that silly little girl that gas was coming from bella
Eww she stank up the whole room . all the girls had
something wrong with them
emily and jayde  snores bella farts and sleep walks
 kate m sleep talks and the reast were fine.
big idea camp
feed back feed far ward i really liked hoe drew us into the story

Thursday, 17 March 2016

I statement .

description: in poutama we are doing i statements we got in to a group of three and made a video  of how to use a i statement an i statement is when you share your feelings with a i feel at the the beginning of a sentance


Description: in poutama we have been making a whaka papa/family tree we are also doing it in etereo
If you don't know what e te reo is it is what we do when the kapa haka people leave . we are  doing a whakapapa so that we can share our family with every body and so they can know how big our family is we were allowed to do it on a web sight or a peace of paper i did it on a web sight  this is my family tree hope you  like it  

Evaluation: I think I should have made the picture more clear
Feed back: I like how you stretched it out
Feed forward: you could have done photos or drawings of your family

Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word 2016 portfolio post

'Description:in poutama I have been choosing my one word the reason why we did one word was so we had to focus on that word for the rest of the year my word is helpful I chose this word because I was not very helpful we tweeted our one word and why we chose that word .we also had to make a very creative text of that word just like what we did with our camp goals we have been foucusing on our one word for the whole term Elly took the photo and we decorated the word we had to measure the length and the width of the paper i mesuring my hands to make it look like we are holding it
We were not allowed to leave any Miskito hold/white gaps
Feed back:I think you did a good job on you sign. I love the way you have designed the letters and how you cut the little finger holes to make it look like you are actually holding it. 
Feed forward :but you could make your boarder a little more pop
- Hannah P
Evaluation:I think that I have learnt to be more helpful by helping other kids


Camp goals

Camp is next week on the 8th of March and to have a bit exitement we decided to write goals for our camp that involve our one word here are my goals.