Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word 2016 portfolio post

'Description:in poutama I have been choosing my one word the reason why we did one word was so we had to focus on that word for the rest of the year my word is helpful I chose this word because I was not very helpful we tweeted our one word and why we chose that word .we also had to make a very creative text of that word just like what we did with our camp goals we have been foucusing on our one word for the whole term Elly took the photo and we decorated the word we had to measure the length and the width of the paper i mesuring my hands to make it look like we are holding it
We were not allowed to leave any Miskito hold/white gaps
Feed back:I think you did a good job on you sign. I love the way you have designed the letters and how you cut the little finger holes to make it look like you are actually holding it. 
Feed forward :but you could make your boarder a little more pop
- Hannah P
Evaluation:I think that I have learnt to be more helpful by helping other kids



  1. Excellent use of creative lettering Yassmine. Your one word stands out perfectly.

    How are you going at working towards your one word goal every day? Keep challenging yourself to being helpful. What are some other ways where I can help you to challenge yourself at being helpful?

  2. i LOVE the colour looks great