Thursday, 23 June 2016

Seed to table science

This is my corn seeds that I did for seed to table we are trying to germinate the seeds so that we can grow them into real plants we had lots of choices of what seeds we wanted to do we got a paper towel then we soked is in water then we slowly took it out and fearfully put it on a towel and placed the seeds on the paper towel the we sealed it by folding it then we put it in the plastic bag and wrote the date the seed and our name t he is a picture of what it looks like when we finished
after science with elly i did some cooking with ellys mum and rosies mum
we cooked some apple and feijoa crumble we also made some manish roni  soup          
and some kind of potato meal                                                                                                                                     


We had to make a pattern that repeats witch is called a repeative pattern 

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tree art

Description this is my tree art it is bangiang tree the bangiang tree is a tree that has long strips that come down to the water only nics whanau class did this the other classes did a different piece of art here my tree art I hope you like it
Evaluation:my evaluation is that I could of not rushed as much because it looks like I just rushed this 
Next time I would make it a little bit more neat and tidy
Feedback /feedfaward: I think you did a good job on the colours because I think they look good together and they work. I like how you used the red orange and yellow. (No feed forward) perfect(zarah

Monday, 20 June 2016

Sport Start Sample

Sport Start Sample

In every Wednesday and Thursday we go out for sport start. We have been learning a few different games and we have recorded 2 videos. One video is about a game called gate ways and there are a lot of different cones set up with ether a small ball, a mini bean bag and a ring. First we get a buddy and go to a gate way then we throw the piece of equipment to each other 5 times. Then we move to another gate way

The second game is called rainbow strike and there are two teams, one team are fielders and the other team are the batters. Someone from the fielders team bowls and small ball and if the batter hits the ball into the first square they get 1 point, second square 2 points and the third square 3 points. They can get bonus points by running to the top corner of the court and you can run there and back as many times as you want before the ball gets back to the bowler.

evaluation i think i did a great job explaining the game

feedback feed faward: nice explaining i think you did a great job explaining the game Eli

E Te Reo

In E Te Reo we have been working on identifying the Maori names of things you use at the table. i made a game  called foods up it has the same  rules and heads up you have to hold a card on your for head than the other player says the maori word then you try to say the word in english  here is a picture of my game                         
Feedback Feedforward: that was a cool idea for a moari game that will definitely teach me some moari     Eli                        
Evaluation: it was pretty hard to cut out the cards and make the box

Thursday, 16 June 2016

how is snow formed

This is my slide on how snow is formed Emily Jayde and I 
made some fake snow we also took some pictures we 
also added some information about how snow falls and 
also and how it is made we also have a link to how to make fake snow 

  Evaluation I think we did a great job working in a 
group we all got a turn on playing and making the 
snow I think we could have added more slides so that there is more info 

Feed back feedfaward I think you could have added some more 
things like why snow is so soft and why does it hold its shape tayla

Monday, 6 June 2016