Sunday, 28 August 2016


this term we did our calender are Elly's whanau class did a different kind of art and nic and troy did this art we had to do a portrait of us and in the background we had to put some desighn's with that discribe the kind of person that we are .for my one i did my face black and white then for the background i did lost of colours t. the silver fens describe that i am born in NZ the dog paws say the i love dos the fading of blue at the top of the art peace describes water that means i like swimming.

evaluation i think that i could of used less blue
 because it doesn't look that colour full. 

feed back feed foward: i think you did a great job on sketching but i
 think you could of done less blue like you said.


  1. Wow Yassmine - your art is beautiful! You must have spent a lot of time and effort doing art to become so good at it! Ka mau te wehi! I can't wait until we put them up around the school