Sunday, 28 August 2016

writing sentences slide

Description: This is my writing slide we had to do a slide about what we have been doing
in writing this term in writing. Elly was my writing coach .We are doing different sentences
 such as compound complex and adverbial sentences. Our focuses for writing was different kinds of sentences .

evaluation:i think i could have done a better job on making the sentences more intreating

feed back feed forward:I  think you could work on making you sentences make more sense
 feed back feed forward: I like that you did lots of e.g on your slide
(Sophie I)


this term we did our calender are Elly's whanau class did a different kind of art and nic and troy did this art we had to do a portrait of us and in the background we had to put some desighn's with that discribe the kind of person that we are .for my one i did my face black and white then for the background i did lost of colours t. the silver fens describe that i am born in NZ the dog paws say the i love dos the fading of blue at the top of the art peace describes water that means i like swimming.

evaluation i think that i could of used less blue
 because it doesn't look that colour full. 

feed back feed foward: i think you did a great job on sketching but i
 think you could of done less blue like you said.

Monday, 22 August 2016

How Humpty Dumpty really Cracked His Head Open

How Humpty Dumpty really Cracked His Head Open

Once A Upon Time There Was A Dog Which Sucked
At Everything That”s Why He Came About To Be Named Mr Thick. Because There Was Literally Nothing But A Pea About The Size Of This > . In His Brain. So It Was Pretty Small As You Can See There. Anyway Let’s Carry On With

The Story. He Was Named Mr Thick And Every time He Walked In Everyone Would Mock His Brain Size.So Then Mr Thick Got Angry And Got Humpty Dumpty's Yolk and Put It In His Own Head Then He Became The Smartest Dog In The World And He Wasn't Named Mr Thick Anymore Instead he Was Named Mr Sharp. But then Humpty Dumpty Got Angry Because He Was Stupid And Then He Tried To Crack Mr Sharp's Head Open. But Then But He Cracked His Own Head Open. All The King's Horses And All The King's Men Couldn’t Put Humpty Together Again.the end just kidding humpty dumpty is perfectly fine ill even show .that was the dumbest thing to say ill even show you i will go over to his house and show you.i am at the door oh no this is turning into a scary story who the heck says I'm at the the door while checking on some one that could be dead i gasp i hear some one saying come in .in a very very angry and a very scary voice so i did what humpty said and came in suddenly i saw a shadow looking thing coming down the stairs omg i was so so scared my heart was pounding like a drum going 100 beats per hour i was so scared i almost was light headed and most likely to faint i heard him saying what are you doing here i tried to stay positive but no it was impossible i said hi humpty he said what i an not humpty dumty died 2 weeks ago ok how
it was me. i gasped for a second you killed my friend oh how dare you do that to my friend so i walked back home really really sad .before i went to sleep i was thinking of a revenge skill of mine to teach him a lesson the next day i came with the old fashion pie face joke i knocked on the door and bam! white was cream was all over his face i stopped for a second my brain went back two seconds ohh yeah! i remembered i heard a crack then i saw a black cloth so i lifted it up
and guess what it was humpty dumty .that whole time it was humpty dumpty the whole time i cant believe that he did that to me at least he actually play a good prank on me for once .then i told him dont say that you mite jinx it so then he said ok

(by yassmine)

Excellence movie

Description:this term with our buddies we had to make a video showing Excellence the people
in this video were Eli Kali Jaden and Yassmine. Yassmine was the recorder kali was the tortoise so was Jaden Eli was the hare we all came together and made a movie about the hare and the tortoise this is our video hope you like it.

book buddies

description: this term we are focusing on book buddies
my book buddy is hannah p we chose a book yo read we
get to change our books every time we finish a book
we have chose two books so far and al, the information
 about book buddies is in the slide

evaluation i think we did a great job on the book buddies and i
think we are great buddies because we are best friends

measurement task

 In term three teachers gave us a sheet to fill in .We had to fill
in some maths and and measurement problems .Then they did some
 work shops to help us answer all, the questions .Then they gave us the
same sheet to answer to see if we improved at all.

evaluation:i think i could of worked
on showing how i answered and worked out the problem

Feedback/Feed foward: I think you did a good job on showing how you answered the question. Next time you could challenge yourself more. zara

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

The red hen and the sea crocodiles ply from girls club

description: in girls club we have been preforming 
plays. We were in two groups. One group did the play 
called The Red Hen and the Sea Crocodiles. Yassmine
, Zoey, Kayla, Phoebe and Kiana performed this play. The 
other group performed Anything is Better. Naomi, Azahra, 
Tayla and Rebekah were in this group. 

think i could of  had a much clearer voice
 and i think i should have sounded and acted 
more like a chicken  
my goal : my goal is to not loose my focus so that i 
wont lose were i am reading 
 feed back :i like the way you talked clearly and i
 also liked the way you did the actions
feed forward :not get lost while reading the story and stay on
 track while i am reading so that i don't have too stop while doing the play